Core Business
The use of landfill gas

The power generation by garbage landfill gas is a harmless treatment method. Besides generating power effectively by waste gas resources, it also reduces air pollution. This is a project which conforms to the major direction goal of “energy conservation and emission reduction” initiated by the government, and is a typical “low carbon economy”. We applied a comprehensive concept of garbage fire-damp collection and utilization and through the comprehensive garbage fire-damp collection system, transportation system, fire-damp purification system and fire-damp power generation system, the garbage fire-damp will be fully utilized to generate power for the municipal major power grid to supply energy for users.

Landfill gas (LFG) in landfills is a greenhouse gas with strong greenhouse effect. It is also a combustible gas with low and medium heating value. As such, we process LFG for utilization through the liquid and gas separation system, pretreatment system, purification system, drying and compressing gas system, and produce compressed natural gas (CNG). Not only will this solve its safety and pollution issues, it will also generate green energy.

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